“Get Ready to be Replaced” - AI

By Amardeep Bajpai, CEO, Webisdom


Amardeep Bajpai, CEO, Webisdom

Imperative urgency is the need of the hour in today’s rapid paced world. You want everything at a click of your finger. Your boss wants the work done urgently, your clients need the work done urgently, you want to do the work urgently and it is same with everyone. Patience is a thing of past now.

And it is this imperative urgency that has prompted the need for a substitute, Artificial Intelligence (AI). But have you ever thought about it this way that it is us who have raised a clue to the technical developers of the world to invent more systems that replace us only? Yes, we are always looking for better alternatives for everything and this has led the market to alter accordingly. Today we and our priorities are being constantly analysed by the medium of digital media, the digital media owners are making a data based on our personal choices and sites we visit and this data, in turn, form the mind of AI systems. These data bases are then used by the marketers and they work in the direction based on information generated from this AI data analysis to attract more audiences. Believe or not it’s all connected, even the factors that are insignificant to you are significant to the developers of AI.

Surely there are daily advancements happening in the AI technologies, but it would take around more than three decades for AI to replicate the human mind even in an initial manner. Presently the AI is like a rat who needs to be trained to do the tricks, no mind of its own. It can only process with a help of programs developed by humans. The memory system of AI is fragmented in several components and it is like re-formattable functioning unit which needs to be programmed for each function and reprogrammed for another, it is in a constant need of help to function. For now, a combination of AI and human are working well but a constant and inevitable desire in humans to change will change the future of workplaces.

Never the less it is approximated that it will soon take over the workplaces to do the petty jobs that would eradicate the need for base workers. With a more developed interface and central processing unit in future, AI will be able to assist the managers and bosses at workplaces. For instance, you want to hire employees based on specific needs and your are out of time, then you just need to enter a criteria in the AI systems for selection and the AI system will automatically contact the candidates, interview them simultaneously, and will give you a list of selected candidate among thousands of applicants within a set time. Also, AI systems will also avoid the common issues of bias perception at work places as it will be evaluating the employees on set parameters.

These are the basic function AI can perform, but give it a thought; if it gets fully developed it will be a workforce in itself, then the bosses will only need an AI system, no employees, no managers and no office. 

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