Sri Chakra Consultants: Striving to Match the Changing Customer Needs in the Evolving Wealth Management Industry

By Sundararajan Srinivasan, Managing Partner


Sundararajan Srinivasan, Managing Partner

The wealth management sector in India is at an interesting crossroads. It comprises of holistic approach and is more than just investment advice. The investors have started to recognize the significance of an advisor, with a greater number of assets. From corporate giants to HNIs, the DIY approach is no longer feasible and calls for creation of a strategic plan for their current and future needs. Therefore, it becomes essential to appoint an efficient, competent and empathetic wealth management advisor to craft optimal strategies to benefit the clients.

Based out of Chennai, Sri Chakra Consultants was established in 2018 with the vision to ensure that the organization becomes the most valued asset for its clients. The organization offers a wide array of services in wealth management to its clients such as choosing the right company for investment, distribution of mutual funds, advisory on personal loans, loans against property, fixed deposit, life insurance and real estate. The automation of business intelligence, and an increasingly connected distribution network are reducing the cost to offer clients comprehensive wealth management services.

"Sri Chakra Consultants wants its customers to see their personal wealth management strategies as a lifelong endeavor that influences every financial and practical decision they will make in the future"

A Strategic Plan
Sri Chakra Consultants is distinguished from other players in the market by its operations and approach. The organization, like many other competitors, doesn't offer products or services without understanding the clients' needs. The experts on the team are seasoned professionals who try to understand the clients' financial goals, both shot term and long term; existing portfolio, disposable surplus, risk profile and the draw out a financial plan which includes a roadmap based on the current investment and the probability of citing a new investment. The organization engages in studying the client portfolio every six months and prepares a revised financial plan at the end of one year to suggest realignment or rebalancing, if any.

"Sri Chakra Consultants has a web portal, mobile application and an efficient back-end system which facilitates easy reviews and renewal of portfolios. The back-end system can accommodate all the asset such as fixed deposit, equity, mutual fund, life insurance and real estate", says Sundararajan Srinivasan, Managing Partner.

Advisory & Didactic Relationship
There is an enormous scope for wealth management, since financial literacy offers improvement. "We educate our clients in terms of financial decisions. Sri Chakra Consultants also conducts investor education programs across corporates and is associated with companies like MRF and Apollo Hospitals for the same. So, we are not only trying to acquire wealth but are also trying to impact the financial literacy", adds Sundararajan Srinivasan, Managing Partner. As more people become financially literate, the services of wealth managers will be appreciated, and a greater number of people will start employing them for structured financial planning and implementation.

Future Roadmap
Wealth Management is both the art and science, since it involves understanding the client very well.The constant development in technology is also opening new markets in wealth management. Sri Chakra Consultants has managed to acquire more than 485 clients with its impeccable service. The organization aims to grow from its current asset of 78 crores to 200 crores by 2027. It also wants to set up its branches in Madurai and Trichy and expand its services to Bengaluru and Cochin in the near future. Apart from the wealth that it generates for its clients, Sri Chakra Consultancy wants to attain the trust of its clients. 

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