The Impending Wearable Revolution: Changing Our Lives from Head to Toe

By Pankaj Kedia, Senior Director, Qualcomm

We are in the early stages of what will turn out to be nothing short of a revolution around how wearable technology will connect us from head to toe and change how we work, play, exercise, sleep, and live our lives as the next decade dawns upon us.

Possibilities are limitless.

Imagine riding a bike after a long tiring day. A connected helmet will read your brain, notice how stressed you are, and adjust your drive.

Imagine visiting a foreign country where you encounter a new language. A smart headset will translate the language in real time.

Imagine going to a museum where you want to learn the story behind the painting. An augmented reality smart glass will make it possible to mix the digital with the physical.

Imagine going on a marathon and always knowing your heart rate, listening to your music, receiving a text from your little one, or knowing how far you have come but still have miles to go before you sleep. A connected smart watch will be able to track your every move and be your personal companion in your journey.

Imagine knowing where your six year old daughter is at any time of the day, getting a text because she left school earlier than her normal school routine. Or getting an instant message because she is crying. Or getting a video call from her because she just wants to say hello. The tracker around her wrist gives you that peace of mind you value while juggling your busy life.

Imagine going on a bungee jumping adventure or finding yourself water skiing on the beautiful Lake Zurich. A wearable camera will be recording your every twist and turn and preserving your memories for decades to come.

Imagine always staying in touch with your doctor because you have your medical band on. It has gotten to know you; it is constantly measuring your ECG, temperature and other vitals. And it is always communicating with your doctor and nurse. Imagine going out dancing at night and feeling safe on your way home because you have that discrete pendant, with the SoS button, on you. Imagine always knowing how you walk or run. Imagine your clothes becoming warmer when it is cold and cooler when it is warm. With a smart shoe and a smart shirt, you will be able to better manage your life.

Many of the above-mentioned experiences are here today. With every passing month, wearable devices are becoming smarter, sleeker, stylish, and safer. They are smart because they are always connected, always listening, always sensing, and always learning. They are becoming thinner, lighter, and elegant enough to virtually disappear on your body. They are beginning to look and feel stylish. And, last but not the least, they are incorporating the latest security technology to give you peace of mind.

At Qualcomm Technologies, we are proud to be inventing and innovating this exciting future. The company which has led the mobile revolution and made it the largest platform in the technology industry is at it again sowing the seeds for the impending wearables revolution which will change how we transform our lives from head to toe.

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