nxtnew: Unlocking Business Potential with Digital Business Consulting

By Consultants Review Team

Our world is well accustomed to the prominence of masculine signatures across every field and the corporate sector is not any different. Although the past few decades have witnessed few significant personnel who took the industry by storm through their unrivaled leadership skills, the corporate world is way behind when it comes to accepting the capabilities of women leaders. Standing above the fabricated social norms and refusing to just tag along, women are forging their own paths as renowned entrepreneurs and among them resides the names of Devyani Ozarde and Avvanti Gupta. Opting to leave behind their successful corporate careers of almost two decades, Devyani and Avvanti chose to break the barriers by successfully venturing into technology consultancy which is typically considered to be a male-dominated arena. The booming ‘.com’ phenomena in the prime of their careers exposed the duo to digital product development which later motivated them to lay down the foundation for nxtnew Digital Business Consulting in 2018.

A young firm with remarkable offerings, nxtnew is a budding digital business consultancy and technology solutions partner offering strategy, integration and automation to bring cost efficiency and greater monetization opportunities for your business. With a team of strategists, customer experience designers, marketers, and technology leaders, the skilled professionals of nxtnew co-create digital strategies by blending their domain expertise with their clients’ industry knowledge. nxtnew is a powerhouse of services like data strategy, digital strategy, digital product strategy, marketing transformation strategy, strategic account management. “While offering data strategy, we work with internal team members, and their external ecosystem to define strategies which drive more business growth. Digital strategy is like a long term approach where we look at not just the end goal but quick wins that enable the client to see immediate results and make changes to the poll. A derivation of data and digital strategy, digital product strategy is about connecting internal businesses. Through marketing transformation strategy, we offer the right marketing ROI and invest in our client’s marketing tech stacks gradually enabling them to rise. In strategic account management, we work with emerging technology, products and platform to bring in efficiency, not just in terms of prospects, but also in terms of cost and productivity”, shares Avvanti Gupta, Co-Founder, Business & Strategic Alliances Director, nxtnew Digital Business Consulting.

A young firm with remarkable offerings, nxtnew is a budding digital business consultancy and technology solutions partner offering strategy, integration and automation to bring cost efficiency and greater monetization opportunities for your business

Brushing off many challenges during the initial phase including the scarcity of projects due to the ignorance and mix-up of digital solutions as IT by the clients, nxtnew continued delivering digital business consultancy and technology solutions. By investing in the new generation technologies enabling digital transformation such as AI, ML, cloud computing and more, nxtnew reframes the business models for its client’s businesses. Due to its cost-effective solutions, customized digital services, value additions to the systems and able guidance to its customer throughout the journey, nxtnew stands out from its competitors in the market with a unique identity.

While the foundation of nxtnew Digital Business Consulting was laid keeping in mind that the digital is going to be the key driver of business growth and therefore, digitization needs to be the primary element of business strategy. “Started with only media and entertainment, eventually the firm has dabbled into various core sectors such as retail, CPG, real estate and manufacturing. Showcasing a significant growth in a short span, the firm is all set to expand its horizon in the fields of digital business consulting and marketing transformation in the near future,” concludes Devyani Ozarde, Founder Director, nxtnew Digital Business Consulting.

Once coworkers, Devyani and Avvanti turned their friendship into partnership with the establishment of nxtnew Digital Business Consulting. An art school graduate with a major in communication design, Devyani Ozarde is a digital media professional with more than two decades of experience in digital strategy, technology, and marketing. Her successful professional career marks the deliverance of a wide range of platforms and services comprising of OTT, content marketing, digitization of television programs to many renowned brands across the globe including Sony Pictures and BCCL. Meanwhile Avvanti Gupta, an economics graduate and MBA in marketing is an adherent business advisor and strategist. With more than 18 years of experience as a leading business strategist, Avvanti fields of expertise lie in managing business alliances, business development, sales and management. With the continuous evolutions within the digital space, the duo look forward to serving more customers in the years to come.

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