Customer Engagement For Driving Business Growth

By Sohrab Sitaram, CEO & Director, Keventers


Sohrab Sitaram, CEO & Director, Keventers

With an immense knowledge about the food and beverages industry, Sohrab sculpted the foundation of India's largest milkshake chain.

Customer engagement is everything in business and this is because of the increased presence of peer research and online reviews, the existing customer's power to influence has hit the roof. If the customers come to trust the brand, they become loyal, and if they are loyal, they are likely to become an ambassador for the brand. It could be through recommendations or sharing brand specific content with others in their network and ‘word of mouth' is now the strongest and most influential mode of communication.

In our experience, we have seen that customers influence the revenue directly and have a straight impact in sustaining existing revenue and are key to unlocking future revenue. Customer ambassadors can help build favourability for a brand by writing online reviews, referring prospects, increasing social engagement with content and even creating content, or simply rating their experience at the outlet. The possibilities are endless however it is heavily dependent on company needs and strategies.

"Customer engagement is the itinerary to every important business objective"

Many companies today are evolving by adhering to customer feedbacks and are engaging more with customers and are leveraging them to spread the word. Identifying and nurturing brand influencers have become a priority similar to up selling and renewing. Customer engagement is the itinerary to every important business objective. It is the pathway to everything good that a business could want ranging from customer loyalty, customer purchases to customer ambassadorship for brands.

At Keventers, the legacy of crafting experiences to build a mark amongst our customers runs strong. From the moment of entering the Keventers outlet, to leaving with a memory to take back home i.e. our personalized thematic milkshake bottles; we offer the Keventers experience to our customers. We strongly believe that engaging with customers on a regular basis is extremely essential. Be it, organizing a chugging contest during Father's Day or launching new #OriginalNine new flavours range, for customers to tease their taste buds, the survival for any brand purely depends on how efficiently and honestly you build your customer connect.

Businesses connected with their customers with easy and accessible channels of communication, will surely be gifted with valuable insight and feedback that will enable the business to enhance the product or services for a more improved offering. Not only that, but it might even help existent business with an opportunity to present development ideas and gain some valuable feedback and insights before the real work begins.

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