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Closing the Cyber Security Skills Gap - Calling All Women

closing the cyber security skills gap - calling all women

Michelle Johnson Cobb, Vice President

Changing trends in Payments Industry in India

changing trends in payments industry in india

Alok Jha, MD CyberPlat India

Cyber War Game The More You Sweat in Peace, the Less You Bleed in (Cyber) War

cyber war game the more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in (cyber) war

Burgess Cooper, Partner – Cyber Security, EY India

Key Technology Trends That Will Impact How Information Management Systems Are Developed In Future

key technology trends that will impact how information management systems are developed in future

Raman Awal, GM and Head of Information Management-Analytics, Wipro

Cyber Security: A Continuous Battle

cyber security: a continuous battle

Somak Shome, Group CISO and VP, Srei Infrastructure Finance

Cyber Security: A Never Ending Journey

cyber security: a never ending journey

Amitava Mukherjee, Information Security Manger, Siemens

Breach Readiness - From Prevention To Early Detection & Rapid Response

breach readiness - from prevention to early detection & rapid response

Venkatesh Subramaniam, Global Chief Information Security Officer, Ocwen Financial Solutions

The Mega trend of Cyber Security!

the mega trend of cyber security!

Roshan Khan, Director, Technology, Amadeus IT Group

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